Large Crowds Partied In The Streets In Liverpool Last Night Before Tier 3 Lockdown Was Imposed


We’re now firmly into autumn and the second wave of Coronavirus that was predicted back before this summer even started looks as though it’s about to rip through the country, but thankfully we have this new three tier lockdown system that should save everyone’s bacon. Yeah, that isn’t said with confidence.

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Six areas in Merseyside last night – Liverpool, Knowsley, Wirral, St Helens, Sefton and Halton – were plunged into level three lockdown and as you might expect from residents of this country, the fact that the pubs were going to be closed for a month meant that everyone went out and got absolutely wasted in them one last time. Of course, several photos and videos were uploaded to the internet of people failing to observe social distancing and no doubt contributing to a rise in Coronavirus infections in an area that was already very high risk.

Top work – here are a couple of the best clips:

Yeah that’s not exactly behaviour contingent with slowing down a pandemic, but I suppose you can’t really blame people when they’re going to be stuck in their houses anywhere between the next month and six months. You just wanna let off some steam before being place in purgatory again and this time everyone knows how it’s going to be so is probably even more desperate for one last party. Makes you wonder if the government thought any of this through really hey.

Anyway, no beef with any of those people, just hope that it doesn’t turn out that it’s going to lead to any more excess deaths. To be fair if it does then we should probably blame the government for not imposing it sooner or being more decisive in their instructions. Can’t trust regular people, everyone knows that.

For more of the same, check out this thread of all the Liverpool title winning celebrations. Similar vibe – maybe that’s why they’ve got the highest rate of infection up there?


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