Here’s A Thread Of All The Liverpool Title Winning Celebrations

Emotional scenes.

Now I’m in no way shape or form a Liverpool fan, but I will admit that I did get quite moved yesterday when they won the title and I saw all the videos of the fans and players celebrating and going absolutely wild because of how long they’ve had to wait to finally win one. It really was something special and clearly means a lot to everyone up there.

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So with that in mind, I thought people might enjoy seeing all the best clips from the city and the players and fans in one place. Thankfully, some guy on Twitter has already done that for me so I can just copy and paste that below:

Yeah I mean, like I said I’m no Liverpool fan – although I do find their current team fairly likeable – but it really is great to see how sport can bring people together and make people so happy. Just a shame that a lot of the fans weren’t social distancing and there’s probably going to be a Coronavirus spike in Liverpool in a few weeks, but I suppose some of them would argue that it was worth it.

For more of the same, here’s a Liverpool fan falling off a lamppost whilst he was celebrating the title win. Ouch.


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