Bizarre Standoff Between LAPD And Man Inhaling A Balloon

LAPD Balloon Man Standoff

I’ve seen a few televised standoffs between police and hostages/gunmen etc but I’ve never seen one between the LAPD and a guy blowing up balloons.

LAPD Balloon Man Standoff

This is a really weird video and it just goes to show what assholes cops are in America. I remember writing something earlier this week about most cops being complete jerks and that they were even bigger jerks in America but I can’t remember exactly what I was writing about so I can’t reference it directly, which is unfortunate, but it doesn’t really matter because this video shows exactly why cops are assholes although the protagonist in it is being kind of a douchebag too, or at least really weird. Like, really, really weird. Or maybe just completely and utterly high.

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The action picks up in this clip with the protagonist in his car after the cops have blown the tyres out after a low speed pursuit because they suspected him of a DUI. Already WTF? They blew the tyres out from his car??? I mean there isn’t any footage of this previously so I guess he could have been winding and weaving all over the place in his car but did they really need to blow his tyres out?!?! Could they not have just put up a road block or something considering he was going so slowly and it was a LOW SPEED pursuit? I mean they’ve blocked him in at both ends of the road in this video, EVEN THOUGH HIS TYRES ARE BLOWN OUT so surely they could have stopped him some other way? Assholes.

Anyway, the cops are all surrounding this guy in the car with their guns pulled out and there are probably about 7 cops and one of this guy. He’s just in his car blowing up balloons and inhaling them, which is kind of weird because if they’re laughing gas then he’s doing it all wrong and even if they were why the hell would he be doing laughing gas in front of the police? That’s a completely ridiculous idea. If it isn’t laughing gas then why the hell is he just blowing up balloons in front of the police? Is he some kind of clown or something? It’s weird. Really weird.

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The reporter on the video states that while he’s blowing this balloon up and down that there’s some kind of dialogue between the cops and the dude in the car because they’ve already smashed the window on one side in but you can’t hear what they’re saying because the chopper is too far away and the dude just seems like he’s blowing balloons up the whole time anyway. Eventually the cops grow tired of this and when they spot an opportune moment – when the protagonist has let the balloon go and it’s flying all over the car and he’s trying to grab it – they run around the other side of the car, smash the other window, taser him and then drag him out onto the ground and pile on top of him and cuff him. Wow. Just because he was driving slightly funny and then because he was blowing up some balloons. America is screwed man and cops are assholes.

Check out the video below:

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