UK’s Biggest Landlord Bans ‘Coloured People’ Because Of ‘The Curry Smell’

Fergus Wilson

Scum of the earth.

One of the biggest buy-to-let landlords in Britain has sent out a video statement saying that he has banned “coloured people” from renting his properties because they leave the houses “smelling of curry”. I’m sorry, is this 2017 or have we gone back in time?

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70-year-old Fergus Wilson previously sparked controversy when he banned single mums, “battered wives” and plumbers from his properties, but this one might just be his most offensive move yet.

Wilson initially sent out an email which outlines requirements for potential tenants, which said:

No coloured people because of the curry smell at the end of the tenancy.

Luckily, the lettings agency that manages some of Wilson’s properties, Evolution Properties, has said that it will not implement the policy: 

We don’t condone this at all. We would never implement a policy like that.

We put through anyone to the landlord and it is up to the landlord who they take on.

Meanwhile, anti-racism group Hope Not Hate, said:

You simply cannot treat people like this and deny them a place to live due to their skin colour.

If people such as this man continue to choose tenants on the basis of ethnicity he should face the full force of the law.

Although Wilson can’t be prosecuted over the email, landlords can be sued by tenants for racial discrimination.

How can this guy even defend what he’s saying? It’s straight up, crystal clear, balls deep racial discrimination. I reckon the police should just round up Wilson and anyone who agrees with his Neanderthal views and throw them in a jail cell together. The fact that this man is allowed to spew his ramblings all over the place is one thing, but then on top of that he’s a highly rich and successful tycoon. It’s not fair.

Then again, 2017 isn’t fair. We are now living in a reality where Donald Trump is POTUS – I fear that the worst is yet to come.


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