A Landlord Asked A Tenant He’s Forcing Out To Make A Video Of The House And It’s Spectacular

Up yours landlords.

There’s a pretty much universal understanding that most landlords out there are complete and utter assholes – but not all of them – and this has once again been proved by the people in the video below.

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Not really sure why the landlord thought this would be a good idea, but they’re essentially forcing their tenant out and then asked them to make a video of the flat for them, presumably to show to new potential residents. Obviously the current tenant wasn’t going to do this to a good standard because they’re super pissed at the landlord for forcing them out – and it looks like they real twats during the tenancy as well – but I doubt anyone could have predicted that the results would be as spectacular as the video below.

Make sure you watch to the end for a special surprise:

Lol. Whilst this is kinda funny – really liked the signs dotted around the place and how they kept saying they were taking everything with them – it’s just highlighting how awful landlords can be to those who live in their properties. Hopefully some of them take a look at this and realise that this isn’t how they should be acting, especially during a global pandemic.

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