Racist Old Lady Harasses Girl Walking Dog; Gets Smacked In Face And Arrested (VIDEO)

That’s what you get.

The lengthy background to this whole situation is on the girl recording’s blog HERE, but basically what you need to know is that she was walking her dog on this open field, when suddenly an old lady approached her and started giving her the whole “what are you doing in this neighbourhood?” talk.

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Naturally the girl behind the camera didn’t take too kindly to this, and it wasn’t long before things turned physical.

You can watch their altercation below and also the old lady being arrested in the last 3 seconds for starting the fight:

It’s not nice seeing old ladies being arrested but at the same time, such a shitty thing for a young black person to deal with when people think you’re up to no good just because you’re walking around in a wealthy area. So it’s good to see the police sided with the right person in this case.

To watch a powerful anti-racism experiment from Lithuania, click HERE.


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