Lady Colin Campbell Claims That Paying For Sex From Minors Is Prostitution Not Paedophilia

What the hell is she thinking?

Just when you think things can’t get even dumber after that Prince Andrew interview, someone else gets asked their opinion about it and comes up with something even stupider.

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Lady Colin Campbell was speaking to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain about it today when she argued that if you’re paying for sex from a minor then that isn’t paedophilia, it’s prostitution and therefore Epstein wasn’t a paedophile. Piers Morgan obviously lost his rag with her about this and went in pretty hard on her about and well, it’s just another car crash of an interview isn’t it?

Take a look at it below:

Jesus. Why is she even arguing that point or having that conversation? Seems really unnecessary and stupid and not remotely useful in the slightest. Can’t believe that people are actually going on to television to try and defend that point of view, but I guess that’s what’s happening now in 2019. Been a real shitshow for television interviews in the last couple of days hasn’t it?

For more of the same, here’s Lorraine Kelly berating Jennifer Accuri for not answering any questions on the same episode of GMB today. Really stacked that one didn’t they?


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