Guy With A Headache Ends Up Having A Live Worm Removed From His Brain, Half An Hour Away From Dying



26 year old Luis Ortiz had been suffering with crippling headaches for months before seeing a doctor, and it’s lucky he did, because it turned out he was just 30 minutes away from dying.

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Following a three month headache, he went to A&E and told them about his symptoms. When they did some tests, it turned out he had a tapeworm in his bonce that was about to kill him.

USA Today reported:

Luis Ortiz said he started to experience headaches in late August.

However, he didn’t ‘think much of it (and) just ignored it,’ reported the Napa Valley Register.

When he visited a friend and his parents in Napa, Calif., in September, he said the pain got worse.

After his mother reportedly saw Ortiz vomiting, she rushed him to a local hospital’s emergency room.

Doctors told Ortiz he needed immediate surgery to remove the larva, according to the Associated Press.

Ortiz’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Soren Singel, said another 30 minutes of the blockage and ‘he would have been dead’.

Luis said:

I stood up and then I threw up.

The doctor pulled it out and he said it was still wiggling, and I’m like ‘Ugh, that doesn’t sound too good’.

No it doesn’t. It sounds fucking horrible.

It’s thought it probably got in there when he had eaten something with tapeworm eggs in. It was living inside a cyst that was cutting off circulation and water flow to his brain, which will explain why it was aching so much.

Lucky, if a little gross, escape there Luis. At least he hadn’t been eating sushi and left riddled with these things, like this fella.



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