This Lab Made Cannabis Oil Gives You All The Medicinal Benefits Without The High

You can’t criticise cannabis oil any longer.

No matter how much research and evidence there seems to be regarding it, the medicinal use of cannabis is always going to have some stigma attached to it because the plant can also be used by people to get high.

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The guys over at Elite Botanicals are working to crush that negative attitude though with their latest product: a weed extract that won’t get you stoned which can be used to treat everything from breast cancer to stress relief, epilepsy to aching joints. CEO David Bonvillain (with a surname like that you would think he’s up to no good, but I’m not so sure) tells you all about it in the short documentary below, commissioned by our friends over at VICE:

And there you go. Hopefully documentaries like this succeed in educating people about the medical benefits of CBD and how it can actually help people, and how people that crave cannabis oil aren’t actually just trying to get high but genuinely do need it for medical reasons.

For more on the benefits of cannabis oil, check out this girl who used it to cure her cancer. Surely that’s gotta mean something.


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