An Absolutely Insane High Speed Police Chase Took Place In LA Last Night (VIDEO)

GTA V in real life.

Los Angeles is pretty much known as the police chase capital of the world, and this crew of undesirables didn’t disappoint yesterday when they led police on a GTA V style run through Hollywood Boulevard, lasting 2 hours and gripping the whole world (well, some of the world) in the process.

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Millions watched the chase unfold live on TV as the men performed donuts, took selfies and high-fived each other while the cops tried to stop them.

Check this madness out:

My personal favourite clip:

In the end the inevitable happened and the police caught up to them, but damn it looked fun while it lasted (ignoring how stupid it is to spark a police chase in the first place).

Here are the rest of the highlights:

And you can catch the ending here:

Riveting stuff. They really made the most of their time in the spotlight I think.

Still, my all-time favourite LA police chase – this cocky motherfucker pulling off mad tricks on his bike.


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