LA ‘Gangster’ Knocks Over Street Vendor’s Cart For Not Paying ‘Protection Money’, Gets Dealt With By Neighbourhood Watch

He deserved that.

A young LA thug got taught a lesson this week after knocking over a little old lady’s fruit cart because she refused to pay him “protection money”, prompting the more decent ‘gangsters’ in the area to hunt him down, beat him up and run him out of the neighbourhood.

Well and truly dealt with:

You love to see it. I mean it’s one thing to tax drug dealers or whatever on your block but it’s quite another to tax an innocent street vendor just trying to earn an honest living in a post-lockdown world. Obviously it’s never nice to see anyone get beaten up but you can’t say this lad didn’t deserve a bit of a slap, though judging from his attitude as he got up, he could’ve probably done with a little more humbling. Seems the only reason they even left him alone is because the old lady said that was enough.

Either way, good to see a community band together and step in to ward off the lowlifes. Let’s hope this young thug accepts his L and doesn’t come back with a gun or something. Wishful thinking, I know.

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