The L.A Beast Gauntlet Challenge – This Guy Is Nuts


An end to any myths of what man is capable of eating. From the world’s most devastating peppers, to generation old soft drinks, one man seeks to answer unanswered questions one mouthful at a time.

If you’re aware of ‘Skippy62able’ or the ‘L.A.Beast’s’ YouTube videos you’ll know exactly what he’s all about – taking eating challenges to a whole new level. One of his latest tasks has to be the worst though –  he creates a kind of hybrid concoction of all his previous challenges, and it turns out to be truly rank but incredibly entertaining.

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Not only does it take a belly of steel to stomach the craziness inflicted on all of the key senses, you have to merit his mental endurance to actually complete these – most of us would be out after one pepper. He tops off this particular challenge by drinking an American-sized bottle of maple syrup and a giant bottle of ‘Crystal Pepsi’, a product discontinued over 20+ years ago in the US. Make sure you check out his record breaking pepper challenges too, even pepper-eating pros are astounded by his metal:

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