Kylie Jenner Wants This Third Nipple Picture Deleted From Existence

Someone needs to work on their Photoshop skills.

While on holiday with her boyfriend Tyga, Kylie Jenner took the opportunity to turn the entire break into a selfie campaign, sending out a plethora of shots showing the pair looking like they’re on the verge of fucking at every moment.

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And while this was all rather adorable (well, not really) one of them might have just revealed their big secret, as Tyga sent out a picture showing Kylie with a nipple on her leg.

Not only that, but the leg looks like it’s been Photoshopped by a first year uni student. Here she is pre-nipple shot:

And now the nipple version:


Good one guys. We always knew that these two edited their pictures to oblivion, but now we have solid proof.

Speaking of which, I wonder how much work she put into this photo before posting it online? I’m guessing quite a lot.


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