Kylie Jenner Might Just Have Ruined Her Entire Empire With This Instagram Photo


Thank god.

Another day, another controversial Kylie Jenner picture. This time round the model has started an entire media storm relating to the fact that her “natural” body is all based on lies.

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It all started when she posted the following picture:

Obviously she’s looking pretty damn inflated, which has caused speculation regarding whether she’s gone under the knife in recent days. Despite defending herself and saying it’s a result of hormones (ahem), she added even more fuel to the fire by posting the following image:

Yep, there’s no denying that this girl has had a LOT of work done on her. If she carries on like this her business is going to suffer. Then again, her fans seem to be willing to follow this family no matter what they do. Fingers crossed Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski destroy this family sooner rather than later.


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