Kylie Jenner Slammed For Taking A 3-Minute Flight On Her Private Jet Instead Of Driving 12 Minutes


In a move so outrageous that you almost have to respect it, Kylie Jenner has been using her luxury private jet ‘Air Kylie’ to travel laughably short distances rather than just go for a quick drive.

Here’s a 3-minute journey she took that would have taken her 12 minutes by car:

As per MailOnline, she also recently took a 12-minute flight that would have taken her 40 minutes by car. The girl simply cannot be bothered for traffic! Naturally she is being blasted online for doing all this in the midst of a climate crisis that is causing record heat and drought, but does she care? Does she f*ck! Look at the mega troll caption she added to this image below on Instagram:

What can you say really? Some people are so stupendously rich and famous that they can do whatever they want and still remain rich and famous no matter how many millions of peasants tell them how awful they are on social media. Flying a private jet for 3 minutes door to door? Pondering which private plane to take on Instagram? Just such a massive LOL in the face of all the crybabies out there moaning at her about global warming. Of which there were many…

Fair play to the CelebJets Twitter account for exposing the hypocrisy but as I say, Kylie Jenner can’t lose no matter what she does. Well, apart from the time she got into a trademark battle with Kylie Minogue. Now that was satisfying!


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