Kylie Jenner Posted A Photo So Explicit, She Took It Down Immediately (PHOTO)


A step too far.

Kylie Jenner is someone who has built an entire career around posting NSFW photos of herself on social media, so it’s no surprise that she’s at it again on Instagram.

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However, this time round even she decided that her recent post was a step too far, as she took it down within an hour of putting it up.

Unbelievably, Jenner actually does have a job and the picture in question was a modelling shot for her new underwear range. But even by Kylie’s standards, it was too much sex for her 81 million Instagram followers. Here’s the photo:



I mean, is it really that bad? OK, so she’s naked. But it’s not like she hasn’t done that before:

Must’ve been told off by her PR company or something. Maybe they’re trying to clean up her image a bit. If that is the case, might want to take these photos down, ASAP.


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