Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo Boosted Voter Registration Traffic By 1,500%

Power moves only.

There’s a lot of people out there who need celebrities to tell them how to vote, and so good on Kylie Jenner for doing her bit this week and sharing a bikini pic with the world in order to drive them to – the website where Americans can register to vote.

In fact Kylie’s IG thirst trap resulted in a 1,500% boost in traffic for the site and resulted in 50,000 new registered voters. Power moves or what?

By contrast, only 2,900 users came to the registration verification tool via Instagram the day before, so the Kylie Jenner influence is clearly in effect there. Exactly what the Founding Fathers dreamed of, surely?

So now the same people who get influenced by what Kylie Jenner wears or what makeup she uses or what perfume she says is the best will now presumably be influenced to exercise their right to vote, which they could have done anyway but had to be reminded by a reality TV millionaire/Instagram celebrity. I guess that’s a good thing? Either way fair play to Kylie Jenner for demonstrating the true power of her curves and how they can impact the most important election in America’s history (isn’t every election the most important in history?). Fair play indeed.

P.S. Wonder who all those newly registered voters are going to vote for anyway? Probably quite obvious given the sort of person who needs to be directed to vote via Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. Too bad, Trump. Maybe he can get the Israeli ‘Queen of Guns’ to do the same for him?



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