Kurt Angle’s Brother Has Been Charged With Murdering His Wife

Kurt Angle

The situation took a turn for the worse after 62 year old David Angle refused to have a drink with his wife.

62 year old David Angle – the brother of Olympic gold medallist and former WWE champion Kurt Angle – has been charged with the murder of his wife Donna in Pittsburgh.

Police were called to their residence early on Sunday morning following reports of a domestic disturbance. They found Donna unresponsive on the floor of their lounge.

David seems to have pretty much come clean about her death in an interview with police conducted shortly after they discovered her dead body. He said that Donna asked him to have a drink with her at roughly 3 a.m. on Sunday morning and after he refused she kept badgering him to have a drink and this escalated into an argument.

David said that all their rows would revolve around alcohol and added that he definitely had some anger issues. Following the incessant nagging, Donna started to kick David at which point he grabbed both of her arms, pulled her off the couch, put his foot on her chest and then pulled upwards. He did this for a few minutes until she became unconscious and then he desperately tried to revive her, to no avail.

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Wow. That’s completely messed up and an absolutely awful thing to do to someone. It sounds like David is pretty shaken up about it, but still even to do that – especially when it didn’t even sound like he was intoxicated – is pretty next level. Not really sure how to feel about it because even if he didn’t mean to kill his wife – pretty sure he didn’t – it’s still completely horrible and reprehensible behaviour to begin with. He’s probably pretty cut up about it but even if the result was an accident, I assume he’ll be getting some kind of jail sentence and rightly so.

Kurt Angle’s manager released the following statement, effectively distancing him from anything to do with it:

Due to the situation Kurt would appreciate if you can honor his family’s request for privacy at his difficult time.

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