Kurupt FM Are Starting Their Very First Podcast – Check Out An Exclusive Clip Here

Steves is getting relationship advice from the rest of the gang.

Kurupt FM has been a part of UK culture for the past few years after the gang blew up in the legendary BBC Three comedy show People Just Do Nothing and following on from the final episode last year, the collective have decided to turn their attentions to a podcast.

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Not content to travel the globe putting on sick nights at clubs and festivals, Beats, Grindah, Steves and Chabuddy G are now settling down to talk about your problems and shine the light on a variety of topics in the aptly named ‘The Kurupt FM Podcast’. Six episodes will be available on Audible at some point this summer with the following themes dominating each one: 

  • Technology (like decks and robots and that)
  • Relationships (how to chirpse basically)
  • The Supernatural (aliens and all that shit Steves is in to)
  • Fashion (through the ages, from loin clothes to tracksuits)
  • Survival (how to survive not only in the streets but in a park, for example)
  • Music (how music evolved and finally peaked with garage)

We’ve also been promised shout outs, freestyles, special guest appearances and all the usual manner of capers that you can normally expect from the crew. We’ve also got an exclusive clip below, featuring Steves getting advice from the rest of the crew about calling a girl that he’s matched on Tinder. You can probably guess how this is going to play out:

Superior chirpsing skills there from Grindah hey – guess where he learned those. Completely sick telephone voice from him – can only hope that Steves can take those lessons and do something with them before the end of the podcast hey? Rooting for the guy.


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