Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic Went To See Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters And Totally Geeked Out About It

It’s good to know that even rich millionaires geek out like the rest of us when they see their favourite bands – even if they used to be in a band with the lead singer.

The never ending Foo Fighters tour rolled into Portland on Monday night, so of course Krist Novoselic went down to see his old buddy Dave Grohl absolutely smash it again at the Moda Centre.

Now, if I had been in a band with someone and I went to see them headline a huge arena/stadium when I had done positively nothing since our previous band had ended, then I would probably try and play it at least a bit cool and just have a few beers and nod my head and enjoy the show. I certainly wouldn’t rock out like I was seeing my favourite band ever, going wild and singing every word and filming multiple parts of the concert like I was 16 again.

However, it doesn’t seem like Krist Novoselic is anything like me as he totally reeked out about the show and uploaded about 8 videos of it to his Twitter account with suitably inane comments illustrating how much he was absolutely loving it. I mean he effectively live tweeted the show like a 12 year old girl, which just isn’t cool really is it?

Or is it? I suppose it’s good to know that when you’re Krist Novoselic, you don’t even have to act like you’re cool anymore – I mean you were in Nirvana FFS, you’re always going to be one of the coolest dudes ever, you can do whatever you want – you just do what you want and go crazy at your mate’s band’s show and it’s not lame at all.

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Krist Novoselic Foo Fighters

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In fact, it’s actually kind of cool. They even got him up on the big screen looking all dorky and it doesn’t make him less of a chiller. Go figure.

You can check out all of the lame/cool Twitter videos he made from the concert below. I bet neither Kurt nor Dave ever thought that this would be happening when they were touring Europe with Nirvana in 1989. Check out some photos from that tour right here.


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