Kris Jenner Got Booed Off Stage Harder Than Anyone In History Last Night (VIDEO)

Kris Jenner is less popular than ISIS and here’s the proof.

Turns out Culture Club fans don’t like the Kardashians very much.

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During iHeart Radio’s iHeart80s party in LA on the weekend, the Kardashian mum took to the stage to introduce the legendary band and got booed into oblivion as soon as she stepped on stage.

Watch below:

Blimey, that is some serious booing. Pure, genuine, guttural hatred for about a minute non-stop. Surprised no one started dashing rotten fruit at her, which actually would have made for a great video.

At the same time though, I feel a bit sorry for Kris Jenner. Well maybe “sorry for her” is a bit strong but she’s hardly the first or the last parent to exploit her kids in order to make a ton of money and provide a better life for them all. Loads of famous people get pushed into sport/acting/music/amateur porn by their parents. I’m not saying don’t boo her but come on, even ISIS wouldn’t get such a negative reaction if they showed up on stage to introduce a night of 80s classics.

Looks like your master plan is working, Rob.


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