Kourtney Kardashian Makes NSFW Comeback, Gets Naked To Promote New Business Venture


Kourtney Kardashian always seemed like the lowkey Kardashian who keeps her head down and goes about her family and business life quietly (well, relatively) while her mum gets busy pimping out all her sisters.

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But it turns out Kourtney has a new business venture to promote, and what better way to do that than to get naked? Exactly – there is no better way.

Here’s what Kourtney’s been sharing with the world these last few days:

What is the nature of this business? Who knows, who cares. That’s not what us real journalists are interested in. All I know is when a Kardashian gets naked on Instagram/Twitter/wherever, it’s our journalistic duty to post it on Sick Chirpse and let TMZ and Daily Mail worry about the non-important details.

Bonus Kourtney shots:

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