Knightmare Set To Return For Special One Off Youtube Episode


One of my favourite TV shows ever Knightmare is set to return for a special one off episode being shown on YouTube as part of geek week.

I’ve written before on Sick Chirpse about how much I used to love Knightmare as a kid, but to summarise there just wasn’t really anything like tuning in at 4:40 on a Friday to ITV to watch some dickhead in a helmet wander around a computerised dungeon trying to dodge blades and solve puzzles given to them by costumed weirdoes and talking walls. It really was something else and is as much of an emblem of growing up in the 90’s as the Spice Girls or Pogs.

So imagine my excitement when I heard today that the series is going to be revived in a special episode that is going to be broadcast on YouTube as part of ‘Geek Week’ which is due to run from the 4-10 August this year. The 4th is a Sunday this year but you know whatever, I’m not worried about the definition of a week but more excited that Knightmare is coming back.

The dude who played Dungeon Master Treguard is set to return as are a bunch of semi famous comedians like Dobbie from Peep Show and some guy who was in Harry Potter. They’re joined by some famous YouTubers too who I haven’t heard of because I’m not THAT much of a geek but to be honest who really cares wh elseo is on it?

Knightmare was never about the teams – it was all about the dungeon and Treguard and the stupid puzzles and the impending threat of doom that was felt when watching it. The guy who produced the original and Treguard are both back so I’m confident that it’s going to be at least as fun and scary and stupid – at least in a retro kind of way – as the original was so I’m definitely going to be tuning in. I’m not sure when it’s on yet but I’m definitely not going to miss it, and it’s going to be on YouTube anyway so how could I?

To get you in the mood here’s a couple of my favourite clips from the original series:

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