Terrifying Footage Shows Moped Gang Rob Porsche Driver At Knifepoint In London Traffic

Knife Thugs

So bold.

I said this yesterday, but when you think of a gang of thugs driving around on mopeds and robbing random car drivers at knifepoint, you’re probably not expecting this to happen in a suburb of London.

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Unfortunately for people with expensive cars in Lewisham though, this is a sad fact of life right now. The footage below was taken the other day on Ladywell Road, where a gang of knife wielding moped riders stop besides a Porsche and rob the driver of their valuables in broad daylight.

Check out the footage below, along with a statement from the Metropolitan Police:

The victim, a man in his 30s, was driving in his car when he stopped at traffic lights.

Two mopeds with two males on each pulled up next to his car – the passenger of one of the mopeds brandished a knife through the open car window and robbed the victim of his watch.

Both mopeds then drove away.

The victim called police – he was not injured.

Ouch. You’ve gotta be careful these days I suppose, although I reckon if I was driving in my car and this dude rocked up I would probably just say no and not give him anything – is he really gonna stab me to death in the middle of the street?

Maybe that’s just me pretending to be a badass, but I seriously think that there are a lot of flaws in his criminal empire, mainly revolving around the fact that he’s gotta pick on complete pussies for it to work. Still feasible though considering the population of South London.

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