Kitsault Is An Abandoned Mining Town That’s Been Perfectly Preserved



Kitsualt was a new town that was built in British Columbia in 1979 by the Phelps Dodge Mining Company to help work and populate a newly discovered nearby mine.

Unfortunately, the mine dried up under a year later and the workers and their families were told to leave. Many of them refused to go immediately but were forced out by Phelps Dodge, who ended up repurchasing all of the homes.

They reasoned that it would be cheaper to leave everything standing as selling it all wouldn’t even out the cost and destroying it would obviously cost a hell of a lot of money. As such, Kitsault the ghost town came into existence.

What’s different between this and other ghost towns – like Doel in Belgium – is that there’s no vandalism or graffiti and that everything in the city is perfectly preserved. Some of the houses even still have working electricity, which basically only succeeds in making the whole place way creepier.

Check out the photos of the town on the following slides:

Kitsault 1

Kitsault 2

Kitsault 3

Kitsault 4

Kitsault 5

Kitsault 6

Kitsault 7

Kitsault 8

Kitsault 9

Kitsault 10

Kitsault 11

Kitsault 12

Kitsault 13

Kitsault 14

Kitsault 15

Kitsault 16

Kitsault 17

Kitsault 18

Kitsault 19

Kitsault 20

Kitsault 21

Kitsault 22

Kitsault 23

Kitsault 24



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