Watch Krishnan Guru-Murthy Stop News Report To Help Refugees

Krishnan Guru-Murthy Refugees

Some journalists do know when it’s time to act.

Last week we saw a camerawoman trip up a refugee during a live news report for no apparent reason, and this week we’re reminded that not all journalists are completely and utterly heartless dickheads with this video.

It might be slightly surprising that the journalist is Krishnan Guru-Murthy given his ability to be a massive knob to most of the people he’s interviewing, but I suppose he’s done himself and his profession a favour with his actions in this news segment.

In it, he was performing a news report on the Greek island of Lesbos when a lifeboat full of refugees landed on the beach. Instead of continuing with his report he was visibly shocked and ran over there to help some of the children that were having trouble getting off the boat out of the sea. Respect.

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He later returned to filming the segment but at least he helped in some way, where I’m betting a lot of people wouldn’t. Unfortunately those refugees are going to need a lot more help in the future to get back on their feet, we can only hope that it’s forthcoming from somewhere.

If you’re having trouble understanding the current refugee crisis, check out this easy to understand comic book which details the history of some of the problems in Syria.


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