Russian Model Protests Corruption By Letting Random Teenagers Feel Her Breasts (NSFW)

Taking the next available flight to Russia.

A Russian model who was previously jailed for ‘offering traffic cops a threesome’ to turn a blind eye to her motoring offences is in deep water again after allowing Russian youths to feel up her tits during a topless protest.

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Kira Mayer, 24, wore a police uniform and went round the streets of Moscow exposing her breasts and urging ‘underage’ boys to go nuts on them.

Kira claims she was protesting about her treatment over another incident that saw her sentenced to 18 months in prison for driving without a license and attacking a police officer.

Watch below:

Not sure how going topless and asking teenage boys to fondle your breasts relates to police corruption, but here we are writing about it so I guess Kira’s plan worked a charm. If only Martin Luther King or Gandhi had thought of that eh?

Then again it’s not too surprising a tactic from someone who already offered cops a threesome to let her off a driving offence. How did that not work, by the way?

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Bet the girls from FEMEN would love her – nothing they love more than making cops look dumb.


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