The First Trailer For ‘King Richard’ Starring Will Smith As The Father Of Serena & Venus Williams Has Dropped

This is getting Oscar buzz already.

Will Smith is a brilliant actor who has been in some shockingly crap films recently. Movies like Suicide Squad, Bright, Gemini Man, After Earth etc. I get the guy is getting paid but still, he’s rich and successful enough to be pickier about his roles, no?

Well anyway, Will Smith’s next starring role looks to be exactly the type of film he should be starring in, as he plays the Williams sisters’ famous dad Richard who pushed them to the limit to become the superstar tennis players they are today. Here’s the trailer:

Yup, take my money. You don’t even have to be a tennis fan to appreciate what the Williams sisters have accomplished in the sport and their dad’s role in getting them there, so it’s about time someone told that story and turned it into a Hollywood blockbuster. From the looks of it, they’ve pretty much nailed it. Will Smith just seems perfect as the determined father who won’t stop grinding until his daughters are at the top of the game. Exactly Will Smith’s wheelhouse as far as acting roles go.

Who knows – he may even get an Oscar nod for this one. That’s what many people are saying anyway. Yeah the film will probably be a bit corny and there’ll be racially-motivated elements to it that people won’t appreciate it, but it’s the acting and storytelling that counts. Always good to have a movie based on a true story too – makes a change from the superhero/sequel/remakes we get too much of these days.

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