Kim Kardashian Shares Topless Photo Of Herself To Show How She Keeps Her Boobs High

Just when everyone on the internet is hating on Kanye, trust his wife to drop something like this.

With the world currently hating on Kanye West following his ridiculous announcement that he was $54 million in debt, Kim Kardashian has been keeping a low profile. It seems like it all got too much for her though and so she decided to share a topless picture of herself to show how she managed to hold her boobs up at the Grammys on Monday when she was heading down the red carpet.

It turns out that the answer was a lot of tape. And it’s heavy duty gaffer tape too – I guess you’re gonna need equipment like that though when you’re Kim Kardashian:

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I mean yeah, fair play, I didn’t realise she had to go around taping her boobs back like that all the time in order to look how she does. That’s a lot of effort but I guess when you’re hitting the Grammys, you’re probably going to want to make the effort.

It’s just a shame that her husband has been such a relentless bellend recently that nobody would have even remembered that if she hadn’t posted this tweet. Both such attention whores – I guess that’s why they ended up together.


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