Kim Kardashian Reveals That She Was On Ecstasy During Infamous Ray J Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian

Well well well.

Apparently Kim Kardashian has always been very vocal about how she doesn’t drink that much and doesn’t do drugs, so it’s a surprise to hear that in a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians – which is shockingly still being broadcast – she revealed that she was off her face on pills during her infamous sex tape.

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Speaking during the show in an episode that hasn’t been shown over here yet – no idea what network even broadcasts it anymore – Kim had the following to say:

Every time I took ecstasy something bad happened.

I got married on ecstasy…the first time.

I did ecstasy once, and I got married. I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, everything bad would happen.

Like, my jaw was shaking the whole time.


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I mean yeah those are two things that are pretty messed up so there does seem to be a correlation between her taking ecstasy and making bad decisions there. Of course, I’ve never seen her sex tape so I can’t comment on her jaw movement, but it does seem a bit crazy that she’s just bringing this up now about 15 years ago after it first surfaced.

I know it’s not exactly a big deal as to why she made the sex tape, but I kinda feel like this would have come up at some point in the past? Maybe Keeping Up With The Kardashians has had a drop in the ratings so they needed to do something to get people interested again? It makes sense.

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