Kim Kardashian’s Response To Taylor Swift Controversy Just Made Her Look 100x Worse

Kim is getting battered in this beef.

I know everyone is thirsty for some non-coronavirus news so how about the latest on the Kanye/Kim Vs Taylor Swift beef which reignited recently? Oh come on – you know you want to…

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The other day a video of the infamous 2006 phone call between Kanye West & Taylor Swift leaked, which showed Swift was telling the truth when she said she hadn’t consented to Kanye calling her a “bitch” in his song ‘Famous’ (he had said she was OK with it).

Swift acknowledged the video’s existence in an IG story and then directed everyone to donate to the crisis. Boom – done:

That should have been the end of it, but oh no no no, Kim Kardashian just had to fire back and accuse Taylor Swift of stealing headlines from coronavirus and some extra bullshit as well:

So to summarise: Taylor Swift objects to Kanye lyric calling her a bitch in 2016. Kanye & Kim release out of context edit that shows she approved it. Taylor Swift gets shat on for a few months.  Now years later the truth comes out and shows Taylor Swift wasn’t lying, and THIS is Kim K’s response to it? I mean that’s like someone accusing you 10 years ago of shagging their boyfriend/girlfriend and then when they finally find some proof a decade later you say “oh what a time to reignite an old exchange!”. Should have just kept quiet and let Swift have the victory on this one.

Also gotta love the way she ends her thread with “nobody cares.” Well a) like I said we need some non-covid news in our lives and b) she actually means “I wish nobody cared because I really don’t wanna talk about it.”

Taylor 1 Kim 0 IMO. You can watch footage of the full 2016 phone call HERE.


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