CCTV Catches Man Tagging Kim Kardashian Mural With ‘No Fat Chicks’

Well that’s not very nice.

The mural of Kim Kardashian which went up on a wall in Melbourne recently had already been vandalised after someone splashed it with paint and wrote the word ‘slut’ on it.

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Someone saw fit to add to that this week by tagging the mural with the words ‘no fat chicks’, except this time the offender was caught on CCTV.

Watch below:

Not a very nice thing to do really. Also doesn’t really make much sense because I don’t think Kim K looks particularly fat in the original picture the mural is based on anyway.

I get the Kardashians are easily dislikeable and we like to take the piss out of them too but if you actually take the time and effort to go and spray paint a mural of Kim Kardashian to call her fat, then sorry but you’re just angry that you can’t hook up with a girl like that. That’s a fact. By all means take the piss but it shouldn’t consume your life to the point of the dude in that video.


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