Kim Kardashian Posts Completely Naked Selfie Because She Has ‘Nothing To Wear’ (NSFW)

Classic Kim.

Things haven’t been looking too great for Kim and Kanye West recently. First Kanye reveals he hasn’t got enough money to make his genius ideas come true, and now Kim’s revealed she hasn’t got anything to wear on Monday morning.

Just your standard married couple problems really:


That picture has it all doesn’t it? Casual (and blatantly Photoshopped) nudity and a total lack of self awareness of how ridiculously rich she really is. Her clothes collection probably cost most than my house and here she is complaining about having nothing to wear while her husband publicly begs for money. WTF is actually going on? Absolute trolls the pair of them.

Not to mention how mental everyone’s going to go at the fact she supposedly looks that good so soon after giving birth for the second time. Not that being pregnant stopped her sharing NSFW selfies before.


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