Kim Kardashian Just Sorted Out Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban With One Tweet

Kim Kardashian

Doing her bit for the world.

As we all know, last Friday Donald Trump signed an executive order which suspends the arrival of refugees for at least 120 days and bars visas for travellers from seven Muslim majority countries for the next three months.

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It’s an absolutely shocking, stupid and ill-informed decision and the move has sparked large protests at major airports across the country, with 2,000 demonstrators alone at New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport.

One unlikely candidate who has been doing her bit (despite the fact that her step mum is a Trump supporter) is Kim Kardashian. Taking a break from the selfie-taking and… well that’s about it, Kim responded to Trump’s immigration ban by tweeting a chart of statistics showing how often Americans are killed by ‘Islamic jihadist immigrants’. To be fair, the chart does put things in perspective:

At least this time she doesn’t have an ulterior motive, like promoting her husband’s clothing brand. Although as said, it’s pretty rich considering Caitlyn Jenner is a Donald Trump supporter. She should probably concentrate on educating her family members first.

Nevertheless, the statistics shared by Kim are being circulated everywhere on the internet at the moment, to show people just how stupid this Muslim ban is. Concentrate on real issues such as gun violence or climate change – not a made up fear that is fuelled by hatred and racism. Sort it out Trump.


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