Kim Jong-Un Is Planning Nuclear War Using Out Of Date Google Earth Photos


Get with the times.

It has emerged that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been plotting nuclear war using old photos from Google Earth because the country’s satellites are not advanced enough.

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Kim has vowed to launched nuclear attacks across the world in retaliation to the new UN sanctions against North Korea. In recent times they launched a missile over Japan and also threatened to launch bombs on the US territory of Guam.

But it looks like if he ever does go ahead with this he’s probably going to miss his target because their target imagery has been taken using old images from Google Earth.

Old images

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This was discovered after someone spotted the old images in North Korean propaganda photos. Kim can be seen sat over a map showing a missile’s route from Sinpo to Guam. It all seems professional and organised, until you realise that the picture they’re using is from six years ago containing a deforested area that was cleared to make room for a docking area and a building that was demolished in 2015.

Well, I guess this is reassuring – although Kim might want to launch missile attacks and ignite a nuclear war, in reality he just doesn’t have the resources to do so. Same goes for their weaponry – it’s all fake, according to these military experts.


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