Here’s The Kim Jong-un Death Scene That Caused The Sony Hacks And Got The Interview Cancelled

Kim Jong-un Death Scene

At least we get to see this 30 second clip of the movie.

Whilst it’s no doubt that probably the content of the entire movie annoyed Kim Jong-un and North Korea and caused the Sony hacks and the movie’s cancellation – after all it is about a plot to assassinate the guy – this particular scene has been cited as the one that really, really ticked them off.

It’s the scene where Seth Rogen and James Franco (I assume) finally get what they want and kill the tyrannical leader. He’s flying off in a helicopter which gets hit with a slow motion rocket to a slowed down version of ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry, causing the whole helicopter and Kim Jong-un to go up in flames.

Maybe they should have just left this scene out of the movie eh? Or better yet Seth Rogen should have just kept getting high with his friends and never even bothered making it?


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