Kim Dotcom Releases $24 Million Music Video On The Fourth Anniversary Of His Arrest

Kim Dot Come The Good Life


It’s been four years since Kim Dotcom – the founder of MegaUpload – was arrested at his home in New Zealand for costing the entertainment $500 million through the uploading of pirated material onto the site, and he still hasn’t seen a trial as he’s locked in an extradition battle with the United States.

It’s expected to drag on for years as Kim Dotcom can clearly afford the best lawyers in the world to come up with loophole after loophole to get him out of anything. This means that he gets to spend his time doing stuff like making $24 million music videos to showcase how sick his life is and what a good time he’s having.

Basically it involves hanging out with babes, driving sick cars, hanging out on private yachts and planes and DJing your own massive event. Looks dope basically.

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OK so it’s a shame about the song (do people Kim Dotcom’s age really want to listen to stuff like that? Was that Coolio doing some of the rapping?) but you’ve got to admit that ‘The Good Life’ looks pretty darn impressive. If I was Kim Dotcom I would consider splashing out on some liposuction or some expert dietary tips because he can clearly afford it.

Here’s another interesting fact about the multimillionaire – back in 2010 he was the number one Modern Warfare player in the world out of 15 million people. The Good Life eh?

If you want to know the back story of why the government shut down MegaUpload – although it clearly didn’t affect Kim too much – then click here.


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