Killer Whales Are Attacking Great White Sharks And Ripping Out Their Livers


Just when you thought that 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, this report from the South African gets published which tells us that killer whales are now beefing with great white sharks and ripping out their livers, perhaps in some weird kind of Eugene Victor Tooms type of flex.

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Researchers have noticed a steep decline in the population of great white sharks in the area in the past few years – there were over 200 spotted in 2010 and zero spotted in 2019 – and at least seven of their carcasses washing up on the coast at False Bay near Cape Town since 2017. All of these have had massive teeth marks on them and scientists are theorising that whales are murdering them and ripping open their bodies in order to tuck into their delicious fatty, oily livers.

This theory is corroborated by the fact that a pod of killer whales recently entered the area, so it seems like the obvious explanation. Unfortunately this has disappointed a whole bunch of tourists who travelled to South Africa to catch glimpses of the sharks and will pretty much devastate that side of their tourist industry in the near future.

We should probably pour one out for the great white sharks that have been hunted down and killed over the last few years for their yummy livers as well. Must be pretty tough to have a bunch of massive predators move onto your turf and kill all your mates and start hunting you down as well.

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Marine biologist Alison Towner helped to perform the  autopsies on the washed up carcasses and revealed the following grim details about the killings on SharkTube earlier this year: 

Just under the surface of the skin is the perfect place to open up the shark and access and extract the liver.

I think two of the animals had both the heart removed and one male had his testes removed, because they’re very close there in the body cavity.

We think the two killer whales were learning to get hold of the pectoral fins. We don’t know for sure. It’s like a ripping motion.

The liver… it’s oily, very slippery, it would naturally slide out so they could come along and share it.

Geez. Sounds even more horrific than I pictured in the first place. Kinda surprised that killer whales are such bastards but I suppose the clue is in their name. Sounds like the ocean is a brutal place right now and not much better than dry land.

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