Phone Footage Shows Guy Deliver Fatal Beatdown With Nasty Finishing Face Kick

One of the most brutal pummellings I’ve ever seen.

It’s not cool to smash broken glass everywhere on a beach like an asshole, but I also don’t think it’s that cool to start an argument with someone about it and then sucker punch them in the face when they’re not ready.

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Having said that though, the beatdown that this kid called Steven hands out to his attacker is absolutely uncompromising and unbelievable, bordering on one of the most brutal I’ve ever seen. Once he manages to switch the pressure and get on top of him, he just pounds him with elbows until the guy can barely talk or see straight. Even when his friends pull him off the guy, he’s not finished – you’re gonna wanna see this:

Ummm? I know the guy starting the fight was a bit of a dickhead but man, did he really need to punish him so hard? Those last two leg kicks are nasty, and the way he’s screaming “die motherfucker die” kinda implies that he has some serious pent up anger issues.

Hope the first guy is OK and Steven gets the help he needs because that was seriously messed up how badly he pummelled him. Totally unnecessary.

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