Kid Tags In His Older Brother To Step In After Getting Tired In Street Fight (VIDEO)

Well that’s not fair, is it?

It’s always nice to see family members sticking together in times of need, but I’m not sure it’s exactly fair in this situation.

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What starts off as a fight between two evenly matched dudes ends up with one of them tagging out and allowing his older, taller, well-rested brother to take over.

I suppose it’s a lot fairer than the brother jumping in and then both of them battering the dude in a 2-on-1, but still a bit shit that he tagged in like he’s Jeff Hardy or something and destroyed this dude who was already knackered after going one round against his brother. He even said himself “I got no beef with you” but by then he already knew he was ending up in that bush. Some battles you just can’t win.

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