Switched On Kid Absolutely Nails Letter To Donald Trump Explaining Why He Should Not Be President

Letter Jackson Wheeless

Smashed it.

An eight year old kid has absolutely hit the nail on the head with regards to why Donald Trump should not be president.

Jackson Wheeless and the rest of his class were encouraged by their teacher to watch the news and read current articles. Seeing the terrible things Trump has been saying in the run up to the US election, Jackson decided it would be a good idea to create the letter for his class project. And boy did he smash it. He starts off with the basics, saying:

I think you have been very rude to many people.

He also points out that he has never heard Trump apologise for some of the terrible things he has said, before going on to slate him for taking the piss out of a handicapped reporter:

What would happen if young people decided that it was OK to make fun of handicapped people after watching you do that on national TV?

Bullying is already a HUGE problem, and it is NOT OK! I feel like you could make that problem much worse.

Finally he brings up the time that Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and still not lose any supporters, to which he had this to say:

You make kids afraid when they hear that someone who could be our next President would even think of doing something like that!

Damn straight. And do you know what kid? It makes adults afraid too. He is just so switched on, I am sure this kid is going to grow up to be an absolute hero. You can see the full letter below:

Letter Jackson Wheeless

Not only does he raise some seriously valid points, but he is also very articulate and descriptive. Perhaps he could be the next voice of his generation. Also, is this the same child that wrote that incredibly smooth letter to a girl he liked in class? Because that kid had equal finesse with a pen.


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