This Kid Tried To Jump Over A Canal But Just Ended Up Smashing His Face Instead

Canal Attempt

Survival of the fittest.

There’s nothing better than hanging out with your mate’s when you’re young and messing around doing dumb stuff and there’s usually that one dumb mate who’s willing to do anything to try and fit in and impress the gang.

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This video perfectly encapsulates this attitude and this character, featuring a bunch of mates trying to convince their donghead friend to jump over a canal. Normally you would have a pretty good idea about whether you would be able to achieve this or not from the width of the canal, but these guys try to figure it out before the actual jump by testing how tall the guy is compared to the width of the canal.

Despite the fact that these two measurements aren’t the same and don’t really have any correlation at all, it’s enough for this dingus to try and make the jump and let’s just say it probably goes worse than you could ever have imagined:

Hot damn that is one hell of an impact huh? I assume you’re probably at least slightly worried about this kid given he looks like he got knocked out and fell into a canal, but it turns out that he’s OK:

Well OK in terms of the fact that he’s alive. Not so OK in terms of the fact that it doesn’t really look like he can speak at all and has blood streaming out of his mouth, although in fairness I’m not 100% convinced he could speak properly before he smacked his head on the edge anyway. Get well soon champ!

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