This Kid Came Up With An Ingenious Way To Pierce His Ears At Home (VIDEO)

Kid Home Made Ear Piercing


I was never in the position where I was desperate to get my ears pierced but wasn’t able to afford it – I just never wanted my ears pierced in the first place. But for anyone who has been in that spot of bother, then this kid right here has the answer for you.

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His name is Rodrigo Beto and I’ve got absolutely no other information about him other than the fact that he’s one smart cookie. In the video below, he’s obviously desperate to get his ears pierced and so decided to grab a stapler from his house and use that. The last part of the equation is to film it so he can put it on Facebook:

Ouch – that looked kind of painful but hey, it looks like he got his ear pierced at least. Just gotta hope it’s a clean piercing and it doesn’t get infected now. I’m not so sure that’s going to be the case though, but I suppose he’s got 6 million people to view him doing it to himself instead. Not bad… not bad at all.

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