The Kid From ‘Scared Straight’ Is Now In A Relationship With The Transgender Inmate He Met In Prison

10 years later – they’re in love.

The whole concept of the TV show ‘Scared Straight’ is to scare young offenders so much that they realise a life of crime is not the way to go, but for one of the show’s participants, it led to him finding love with the older transgender inmate he met on the show.

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Here’s the famous clip that went viral 10 years ago:

Wow she was really putting the moves on the lad eh? Well looks like it had the desired effect because 10 years later both young Cedric and flamboyant Ms. Foxy are living their lives back out in the real world as a couple:

Whoa! Never saw that one coming. Who knew all those years ago we were watching this kid and his cellmate fall in love in real time?

There’s more pictures of the happy couple hanging out over on Cedric’s Instagram page (@cedriciconic) and also a notable pic of Cedric in a cheerleader’s outfit. Guess Ms. Foxy really convinced him to go out there and live his best life and he hasn’t looked back since. Seems like she became his mum, dad, mentor, cell mate and lover all at the same time? Bit unusual but hey, if they’re happy together then who are we to judge?

There’s a really obvious joke here about being ‘Scared Straight’ which I won’t make, but surely the A&E Network is looking at this and seeing $$$ in their eyes. Won’t be long before we have a Cedric & Ms. Foxy reality TV sequel I bet.

To meet the transgender woman who found love with a man who rejected her when she was male, click HERE. What a world.


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