Little Kid Clearly Sees Manhole Cover Is Off, Tries His Luck Anyway (VIDEO)

Future brain surgeon.

Footage taken in China this week shows a curious 3-year-old spotting a broken manhole cover on the streets of Zunyi, inspecting it for about two seconds, and then stepping right on it before plunging into the depths below. 

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Worst decision of his three years on this planet:

I mean it could not be more obvious that that was going to happen, but you can’t be too harsh on the boy because he’s only 3 after all. He probably thought he was going to fall into a magic room filled with toys and gold and good lighting. Instead he suffered a busted face and a good 10 or so seconds of unforgettable terror in nightmarish pitch blackness. Get well soon little man.

P.S. Don’t go calling it a manhole cover in California – you’ll get yourself in trouble.


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