The Kid Who Defended His Blind Classmate From The School Bully Just Got Suspended

Biggest case of injustice EVER.

The other day we posted some very satisfying footage of a California teenager rushing to help his blind classmate who was being beaten up by the school bully.

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Anyone who saw the footage agreed the high school junior was an absolute hero after he knocked the bully the F out, except the school have taken the slightly difference stance of kicking him off the football team and suspending him from the school. What?

Huntington Beach High School says they’re just sticking to the rules regarding ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on violence, which apparently also covers defending people who can’t defend themselves.

A petition has been set up to get him reinstated and back on the football team.

So yeah, pretty massive case of injustice there but according to the school, rules are rules. Maybe the part when he says “I will fuck you up” over the bully’s dead body might have swung things against his favour. But at the end of the day this kid should be proud of what he did and having him suspended probably won’t be too much of a mark on his record since everyone knows exactly what happened. But I guess sometimes in life you’re going to get punished for doing the right thing.

Oppositely, here’s a kid who CAN defend himself against the school bully, and did.


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