This Kid Crying Over His Cheating Girlfriend Is The Most Cringeworthy Video Of 2017

Young love.

Don’t get me wrong – finding out your partner has been cheating is definitely one of the few times in life when it’s acceptable to cry.

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However, there are two things that make this video so utterly unbearable and that is a) the kid looks like he’s about 11-12 years old and b) he’s fully sobbing like a baby in front of all his mates while his gf eats the face of another guy literally metres in front of him. It just screams year 8 school disco.

You’ve got to feel bad for the kid. OK, so he just needs a good shake and someone to tell him that there’s going to be plenty more of that in the years to come. But it still can’t be fun seeing your girlfriend snogging some dude in a sideways hat while your friends proceed to laugh at and film your pain. Hopefully his mum had a nice cup of hot milk and a cuddle ready for him when he got home.

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