A Kickstarter To Permanently Delete The Last Scene Of The Departed Has Gone Viral

The Departed

I’m sure most people reading this have seen The Departed and recognise it as a truly great movie that Scorsese finally won the Oscar for, but a lot of people really do have a problem with that last scene with the rat scurrying around on the balcony due to its obvious metaphor.

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Surely a movie as excellent as The Departed doesn’t need this in its final scene? Most of us probably aren’t THAT bothered about it – despite admitting that it’s a bit cheesy and brings the overall vibe of the movie down a bit – but a guy called Adam Sacks is so aggrieved by it that he’s actually started a Kickstarter to raise the money to have it permanently removed from the print of the film.

Apparently this costs $4000 to perform successfully which sounds a bit steep, so Sacks made a bunch of videos explaining what the money was going to be spent on. Here’s the final scene of The Departed too if you don’t even know what that rat is all about:

I meant that sounds pretty stupid, but the Kickstarter has already gone viral and raised $4504 of the target, so it looks like the final scene will be getting the once over. Not sure what the extra $500 is going to be used for, but maybe it can go towards editing the end of Titanic so that Jack doesn’t die, or other such movie travesties that have plagued us over the years? It’s a slipper slope once you get started.

If you wanna donate any more money to the Kickstarter – got no idea why you would want to do that, but hey – then click here. Otherwise, check out this rat being released into McDonald’s and causing complete chaos. Bet they wish they could erase that one hey?


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