Watch This Kickboxer’s Savage Punch Send His Opponent Through A Wall

Kickboxing hole in wall

See ya.

We’ve seen a lot of kickboxing videos here at Sick Chirpse, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone punched so hard that they literally go through a wall.

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The footage shows a kickboxer attempting to film a training video. However, as the camera moves along, one of the fighters in the background hits his opponent with a powerful punch, sending the poor bloke flying into the wall. Everyone in the training room goes to help the dude, who looks a little worse for wear when he’s pulled out from the debris:

I love how the instructor just says “dude” in utter disbelief. The puncher is an absolute machine – I’m guessing that’ll be the last time they skip the weigh-in.

To watch the recent video of a UFC fighter suffering a diarrhoea explosion on live TV, click HERE. Pretty gross, but shit happens.


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