Khabib Almost Landed On Leonardo DiCaprio With His Infamous UFC 229 Leap

Khabib Leo

Gotta watch where you’re stomping.

UFC 229 should have been remembered for a great card and then Khabib completely mauling Conor McGregor, but instead it will always be remembered for the ugly scenes that marred the end of the fight where both corners went at each other in a brutal post fight melee.

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The dust from that has finally settled now with Khabib being handed a $500,000 fine and being suspended for nine months, whereas Conor has been fined $50,000 and banned for six months. Even now though, we’re still learning more about the incident and the latest surprising revelation is that Khabib almost took out Leonardo DiCaprio when he launched his two footed attack on Dillon Danis.

The news comes courtesy of Khabib himself, who spoke with DiCaprio following the incident and ended up having dinner with him in Paris, France:

Honestly, I didn’t recognise [the other celebrities in the crowd], apart from Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s a big fan [of MMA].

He told me, ‘I was sitting 5 meters away [when you jumped the cage at UFC 229], you nearly landed on me!

He’s a regular guy, but it was surprising to me, when people came up to him for a photo, he said ‘I don’t take photos.’ I asked why, and he said it’s not possible to make everyone happy.

He said he only takes photos with kids… with everyone else it’s not possible. That surprised me, but in general he’s a regular guy.

That’s nice to know, and honestly the photograph thing makes a lot of sense because that guy must get hassled for pictures all the goddamn time. Give him a break.

I gotta comment on how that picture has been framed so that Khabib and Leo are the same height though! Surely there’s no way that could be possible because Leo is notoriously short and Khabib is absolutely massive. Ain’t no one falling for that one buddy.

For more Leonardo DiCaprio, here’s a real dumb story about him being a major player at Cannes a few years ago. Legend.


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